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Recently launched: Induction-Technology in “small” EKU series

The new year 2022 starts with the next highlight:

Recently launched are the new product developments of the induction cookers in the series Thermik SnackLine and Thermik 650, whose devices are specially designed for the requirements in kitchens with limited spatial possibilities.

Means, the induction-technology with a power output of 3.5 kW per hob is now also available in the "small" EKU series. The advantages of induction technology are very clear:

Rapid heat generation with simultaneous high efficiency supports an energy-efficient cooking.

EKU provides the new appliances with either two or four cooking area. Further features: An optimized supply and exhaust air flow increases the longevity of the induction technology. For cleaning, the grease filter is convenient and easy to remove via a drawer that can be extended forward. All device variants can be individually and perfectly combined with the other devices from the Thermik SnackLine and Thermik 650 series.

Do you have questions about the series Thermik SnackLine and/or Thermik 650 or other EKU products?  Send us your inquiry. Or give us a call: +49 (0) 6431/9000.