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EKU at HOST 2019 in Milan Italy: New innovate products with great success!

New built-in series Thermik Integral +++ PowerBurner usable from both sides +++ Power reduction available for gas stove models PowerBurner and EmaxxBurner +++ New deep fryers +++ New boiling pan

Limburg, 24 September 2019.

EKU Grossküchentechnik is presenting more new products than ever before at this year’s HOST in Milan. “Our product campaign is forging ahead!” asserted EKU owner Manuel Kulbach: “When it comes to functionality and design, we are setting new standards – at an international level.”

New built-in series “Integral” launched

All EKU appliances are now also available as built-in modules for use in thermal installations. Alongside the well-known appliances such as fryers, bain-maries and griddle plates, EKU is presenting its new built-in gas modules at HOST. The advantage of these modules is the variable adjustment in height and depth to suit the individual installation conditions on site.

PowerBurner usable from both sides
The PowerBurner, the especially powerful and convenient flagship among EKU’s gas stoves, is now also available as a version that can be used from both sides. A peak power of up to 8 kW is possible per flame.

Power reduction available for gas stove models PowerBurner and EmaxxBurner
EKU gas stoves now come with the option of reduced power. The new power class is offered as an option for the top model “PowerBurner” and for the inexpensive pro league entry-level model, the “EmaxxBurner”. The power reduction for each hob is between 1 and 1.5 kW, depending on the model.

New electric and gas deep fryers

EKU’s new electric deep fryers boast even more advanced technology and a more functional design. The breadcrumb strainer located underneath the heating elements makes day-to-day cleaning of the deep fryer much easier. Furthermore, breadcrumbs are collected in the cold zone of the deep fryer, which helps to improve the service life of the frying oil. The electric deep fryer is also equipped with basin insulation to keep the heat of the oil exactly where it is supposed to be: in the basin.

One of the numerous innovations in EKU Grossküchentechnik’s portfolio is the completely reworked gas deep fryer. The heat is provided by the burner located next to the basin on the outside, which also makes cleaning the basin much easier.

The new EKU PowerCooker boiling pan: effortless cleaning and top hygiene

The new EKU PowerCooker cooking pot is perfect for large-scale catering. All controls and safety elements, manufactured by Echtermann, are integrated into the appliance, making the PowerCooker extremely quick and easy to clean. The pot is easily filled via the Perlator built into the hinge of the lid. The pot is double-walled with indirect heating, with the space between the walls automatically filled with water. The new double-walled lid increases the heat storage capacity while reducing power consumption. All in all, the EKU PowerCooker is a powerful, efficient and future-proof alternative for every canteen kitchen, from the retirement home to the company canteen.  

Innovative EKU dishwahsers
The new EKU dishwashers feature a variety of improvements: they have 50% more pumping capacity than the predecessor models. All parts are manufactured from stainless steel. On top of this, they come with extensive standard equipment: a dosing pump for detergent and rinsing agent, an additional booster pump guaranteeing optimum water pressure during washing, a powerful drain pump, thermo-stop for a perfect clean up, rinsing baskets made of stable wire mesh and additional washing programmes for the push-through model.